While I did have a winning record last weekend including going 3-1 on both Friday and Saturday, Sunday’s wild events dropped me down to 7-5 for the event. Still cannot believe that the Huntsmen got swept in the final by the Subliners, but doesn’t matter. I’m 22-15 on the season and with only two events left before Champs, I’m gonna skyrocket that record. The title says it all: we’re robbin the queen this weekend lads.

Let’s get into it.


(Atlanta, Chicago, Minnesota, and Toronto on bye)

Much more “balanced” groups this week. Let’s be honest, we all know what is going to happen in both of these groups already. In fact, I think this might be the most chalked Home Series we’ve had all year. The two teams that will come out of Group A will be Florida and London. Sure OpTic LA has had their moments and they’ve made yet another roster change, but I have zero confidence that they will be able to upset either the Mutineers or Royal Ravens. And Seattle is an absolute trainwreck. Octane is the only person on that team that has been consistent all year, and even with a flash of resurgence (pun) at their last event, I still don’t think they’ll make it out of the group.

Same thing with Group B. Dallas and New York are the clear top teams out of that group, and they’ll be playing the worst two teams in the league. I talked about how bad LAG and Paris were last week, so I’ll refrain from repeating myself. The only thing I’m interested in from Group B is how Dallas vs New York will play out. New York just won thier first Home Series last weekend in an impressive 3-0 upset of Chicago. But…was it a fluke? Not meant as a knock on NY at all, but let’s be real here: Chicago just got off a high after sweeping Atlanta in the most highly anticipated matchup of the season. They were HIGHLY favored to win against either NY or Toronto, so maybe they let off the gas and expected to have an easy win? I don’t know. But I know this: Dallas was watching, and Crimsix and co. will not be underestimating the Subliners this weekend.


Only one month until Champs! I know it’s not LAN, and believe me, I desperately wish it was like each of you so we could all be in the crowd cheering on the Huntsmen our favorite teams. But sadly, we can’t fucking get past this COVID thing yet. But hey, at least we get some kind of March Madness-style midweek run for playoffs. As a reminder, this is a double-elimination tournament and every team is participating. So we will have PLENTY of CDL action to end the season during Playoff Week, which means I’ll have plenty of action with my bookie.


Really…to be honest…not much. This is gonna be a rather dull Home Series for most unless something psychotic happens like Dallas or Florida getting knocked out of the group stage. Unless your a true CDL hardo (like me) or you have money on each game (also like me), the only games worth watching will be the early Saturday matchups, which I expect to be Florida vs London and Dallas vs NY. I don’t expect London to beat Florida at all, but at least they’ll make it more entertaining than OGLA. And like I said above, Dallas vs NY is going to be a very interesting matchup. Outside of those two matchups, nothing else really interests me until Championship Sunday.


As always, we can only see the lines for the opening Friday matchups right now. So let’s dive right into the winners:

Dallas Empire -1.5 (-210) vs Paris Legion

Here’s a stat for you: Dallas has only gone to Game 5 against someone in the bottom half of the standings ONCE all season (Toronto at the Dallas Home Series in April). You may hate them, but they’re a gamblers best friend: they don’t just squeeze by the bad teams, they stomp them. I never love odds this high, but I’m putting my entire bankroll for the weekend on this opening bet because I’m that confident about it. This is not going to a Game 5. Not in a million years.

London Royal Ravens ML (-190) vs Seattle Surge

London is the better team for sure, but something about this Seattle matchup has me going moneyline instead of taking the -1.5 line (which has +125 odds). The Royal Ravens are clearly the better team but they have struggled this season against teams in the bottom half of the standings, especially on the west coast. And while I still don’t think the Surge are going to make it out of the group, I could see them pushing London to a Game 5. So the pick is London ML, and sprinkle a lil bit on the line if you’re feeling dangerous.

LA Guerillas vs New York Subliners, PROP NY 3-0 (+225)

The Subliners should 3-0 this team. If sportsbooks actually knew what the fuck they were doing, they’d set the line at -2.5 because there is no way in hell that LAG should take a round off of this team. But since they’re a bunch of fucking morons, I’ll do it myself. My bookie has the prop for NY winning 3-0 at +225 and I think those are incredible odds for this matchup. Take it with confidence, or take the -1.5 if you can’t. This is gonna be a massacre.

Florida Mutineers -1.5 (-105) vs Optic Gaming LA

HOW? How in the absolute fuck is this line set this low? Florida is arguably the best team in the league, and they’re going up against one of the most inconsistently horrible teams in the league. Optic LA has had a few runs this season, but NONE of them have been against teams in the top 4. They haven’t taken a top 4 team to Game 5 all season, so why in the fuck does Vegas think they have a chance? Oh I know, CAUSE THEY’RE MORONS. Take the easy money.

A reminder that games start at 1PM EST today since the Home Series is technically being held “in London”. So lock those bets in early and follow me on Twitter for more picks as the weekend progresses. Let’s get rich lads.