Happy Fri-YAY everyone! Lots of news this week to cover, but before we dive into it, this week’s song to get you HYPE for the weekend is “PAID MY DUES” by NF. I’m not really an NF fan, but I found this on Spotify’s New Releases page and I couldn’t stop bobbing my head. The guy goes HARD. Just please don’t blare it over your mic while I’m trying to clutch a Halo: Reach win on MCC this weekend…

Let’s get started:

Modern Warfare’s Season 1 update…SUCKS ASS

This is a fucking joke. First off, they “conveniently” forgot to mention that this image is a roadmap, not a Day 1 drop. Second, the Season 1 Battle Pass is just as bad as the S1 BP for Apex Legends. It fucking blows. Why is it that only one company (Epic Games) understands this concept? No one will ever be excited about getting clan tags or emblems. No one will ever be excited about these “blueprints” that provide players with NOTHING that they don’t already have when they unlock those weapons. And finally, the skins (the anchor of every battle pass) are absolute dogshit. The most interesting new skin I’ve seen is that Nikto guy, AND HE’S NOT EVEN IN THE BATTLE PASS. YOU HAVE TO BUY HIM FROM THE STORE. AND HE’S NOT EVEN IN THE STORE YET. ON DAY ONE OF SEASON ONE. HE’S THE FUCKING MAIN CHARACTER IN THE SEASON 1 TRAILER YOU STUPID FUCKS WHAT ARE YOU DOING.

I’ve lost all hope for this game. The camping is completely out of hand, the spawns are broken, and every time I pick it up I get pissed off in the first 10 minutes. I think I’m going to stick with Spec Ops and Gunfight until something changes because those modes and the campaign are the only redeeming qualities of this game at the moment.

The Resident Evil 3 Remake art has been leaked and HOLY FUCK GUYS

I’ve talked about this before, and I know I said I wasn’t really that excited about a Resident Evil 3 remake. But this, this looks fucking phenomenal. I don’t even know anything about the game or story except it isn’t supposed to be as good as RE 2 or RE 4. But if you make anything similar to the RE 2 Remake, I’m buying it no questions asked. Just take my money Capcom. You’ve clearly earned it.

What the fuck is going on with Control and Xbox?

So, in summary, Phil said in an interview that Control is coming to Game Pass. Then yesterday, Remedy Entertainment said on Twitter that there are no plans yet for Control to go to Game Pass. So what the fuck is going on? Did Phil misspeak? Did Remedy suddenly back out? My guess: This game is absolutely coming to Game Pass sometime early next year, but Remedy doesn’t want everyone to know that before the holidays. They want people to spend $40 during the holiday sale on the game, and THEN they’ll put it on Game Pass and reap the rewards. That way, they maximize their profits. It’s a smart plan if that’s what they end up doing, even if it will piss some people off. And on Phil’s end, I bet he’s kinda pissed. Remedy probably agreed to this deal and then denied it’s existence for their own gain, which made Phil look like a fool. But then again, that’s just my uneducated guess of the situation. We’ll see soon if I’m right.

Get ready to shit your pants. Together. With Outlast co-op.

Just last week I was thinking about how great Outlast and Outlast 2 were. I looked up the developer and tried to see if there was anything in the works. Welp, there is. The Outlast Trials is going to be a co-op experience set in the Cold War, where you and your friends play as “test subjects taking part in an unknown experiment”. Its still in early development, so I wouldn’t expect it until 2021 at the earliest, but I’m pumped for this. Has there ever been a co-op horror game? And I’m not saying co-op zombie shooter. I’m saying co-op “we’re all going to fucking ruin each other’s hearing from screaming” horror game. I’m not sure there has yet.

Sony is having one more 2019 press conference next week

So we’re not only getting some big game reveals next Thursday at The Game Awards, we’re getting even more on December 20th from Sony??? Fuck. Yes. What could we be seeing? Finally some news on Ghost of Tsushima? Some PS5 news (like maybe it won’t look like a fucking V)? Maybe the rumors about Horizon Zero Dawn 2 will be confirmed? It’s probably expecting too much, but I am very curious to see how Sony plans on making as splash.

ONE LAST NOTE. Next week, I will be live streaming The Game Awards along with my reactions on my Mixer channel. If you enjoy this site and my takes, I highly recommend that you tune in. Also, there’s a rumor going around I may be giving away some gift cards. Stay tuned on Twitter for updates!