Man, what a packed week. We had The Game Awards nominations, we had arguments about The Game Awards nominations, we had arguments about the arguments about The Game Awards nominations, and in 8 hours Joker 2 was a thing (until it wasn’t). Well, outside of that, there’s still a bunch of stuff that was announced this week so let’s get into this week’s QTEs. But first, the jam to get you HYPED for the weekend. I’ve been listening to “Hey, Ma” by Bon Iver all morning. Mostly because it’s been raining all day where I live and it just sets the perfect mood, but also because it’s a fucking incredible song. Not really a hype song, but well worth your listening time this weekend.

Let’s dive in:

We finally got the Half-Life 2 sequel we’ve waited for…except in VR

I’m not a huge “Half-Life” guy, but I am VERY interested in this game. In two weeks, I’ll be posting a special Behind the Mask with a developer from the SUPERHOT team, and we talked for quite a while about the state of VR and how far away we are from triple-A titles being actually good on VR. Well, based on what I’m seeing from this trailer, I’m starting to think we’re a lot closer than I thought. Of course, it is just a trailer and we have no idea how the final product will actually look, but I’ve been waiting for games like this. I don’t really care to play games like Beat Saber or a “standing” FPS game. I want to fully be immersed in a world if I’m gonna invest in a cutting edge VR system, and it’s looking like next March might be the best time to get started.

Speaking of VR, a non-VR port of that game by the Rick and Morty guys is coming to Xbox and Switch

WOO-HOO. God, I can’t wait to play this game. Originally, it was released in May for PlayStation and PC. But now, 5 months after its initial release, we can finally play it on Switch and Xbox (aka the only two consoles it wasn’t available in May and also the only two consoles I own FUCK YOU Gearbox for making me wait this long you bastards). I don’t really know how to sell anyone on this game other than saying “it’s by the creators and writers of Rick and Morty” because that alone should be enough to convince you to play this game. It’s gonna be funny, it’s gonna be wacky, it’s gonna be weird, and it’s the perfect title to get your girlfriend involved in playing video games.

Crossfire X, the upcoming free-to-play Xbox exclusive, is getting a campaign…by Remedy Entertainment

This game just keeps getting better and better. Listen, I know that I’ve talked a lot of shit about Control, Remedy’s latest release, but I still believe in this studio. And clearly, I’m not the only one considering that Control got the 2nd most nominations for The Game Awards this year (which I disagree with and despise but hey, we’re moving on). So not only does Xbox have one of the coolest looking competitive FPS titles coming in 2020 as a free-to-play game, it’s coming with a campaign from one of the better game studios out there. I’m telling you guys, out of all the big competitive titles coming out next year (Halo Infinite, Riot Games FPS, Rainbow Six Quarantine), Crossfire X is the one I’m most hyped up about.

Amazon is entering the video game service, and that means nothing to me.

Um, ok? I don’t really know what to think of this. I mean we’ve already got Google Stadia flopping around like Magikarp trying to make a name for itself, and we’ve got Apple trying to make mobile games on your TV a thing (which is a horrible idea because mobile games are not fun). The big question I’m wondering is this: what are they going to bring to the table that’s new? I mean, while Stadia may not be a great console right now, there’s a lot of promise around its potential to bring game streaming to new heights. What is Amazon gonna do that no one else is doing? Are they just gonna make a Stadia clone, sell it for a lower price, and bundle it with a lifetime subscription to Amazon Prime? I don’t know what the fuck they can do to stand out in a growing market, but it is Amazon, so I’m curious, to say the least.

A Resident Evil 3 Remake too? I mean, yea why not? But…

So Square Enix is just gonna remake all the Resident Evil games aren’t they? Well, you won’t hear a complaint from this guy if they all turn out as good as the RE 2 Remake did this year. As someone who hadn’t played a Resident Evil title until RE 7, I thoroughly enjoyed the newer polished take on the older title. And while RE 3 may not be as good as RE 2, let’s talk about what’s important here: WE WANT A RESIDENT EVIL 4 REMAKE OH MAH GAHD COULD YOU IMAGINE??? So yea, make this game, everyone buy it, and say it’s awesome (even if it isn’t) so we get that game. It’s probably the best entry in the series and as someone who has only watched bits and pieces of the game, I for one would love to play a Resident Evil 4 remake on next-gen systems.