Happy FRIDAY baby! We’ve survived another work week, and if you’re like me, you’re chomping at the bit to head home and start a great weekend of gaming. So let’s get that HYPE TRAIN started now shall we? “Zombie” by Kodak Black just came out today and its a fucking banger. Give it a listen to get that blood pumping. I’ll be live tonight on Mixer playing the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (with a surprise) and I literally cannot wait. One last order of business before we dive into this week’s gaming news: this week’s edition is sponsored by Humble Bundle. If you have been following me for a while, you already know that Humble Bundle not only gives you incredible deals on all things gaming but also allows you to donate a portion of your spendings toward charity. SO, if you haven’t purchased Modern Warfare or The Outer Worlds for your PC yet, purchase them through Humble Bundle!

Let’s start off with all the games that were delayed yesterday:

Good Delay: The Last of Us 2

Am I upset that we won’t be playing The Last of Us 2 come February? Yeah kinda. What confuses me more is how they are delaying this title literally a month after their huge release date announcement. Did they not talk internally about this? Is it related to Shawn Layden’s departure? I’m just grasping at straws but I’m very curious about the timing of the two announcements. Regardless, I don’t really care how long they delay this game. Hell, push it back to Holiday 2020. Naughty Dog has such a high standard for their games and they always release high-quality fully polished titles. This game still looks like one of the best games of all-time, and I am fine waiting a few more months on the developers.

Bad Delay: All of Ubisoft 2020

Like I just stated, I have no problem waiting a few more months for a developer to polish a game. However, the Ubisoft delays are because they don’t have the money to finish these games right now. Here’s a tip for you guys: if you’re excited about a game or company, listen to their earning’s calls if they make them public. That’s where all this information came from. In that call, the CEO, Yves Guillemont, told investors that they were not going to meet their financial targets for Ghost Recon Breakpoint and The Division 2. He stated the causes being “the less-than-perfect implementation of “gameplay innovations” and lack of “differentiation factors” in Breakpoint, and, in the case of The Division 2, the difficulty in generating interest for a sequel to a live game.” As a result, Ubisoft stock plummeted by 20% yesterday. Look I’m never happy about stuff like this happening because it usually means that people lose their jobs, especially the hard-working game developers. But this is what happens when you are a triple-A studio that releases the same bland shit year after year. So who knows when these three games will actually be released. Hell, we still haven’t seen when Skull and Bones is coming out and it was supposed to come out two years ago. My guess on the release schedule? Skull and Bones in April-May 2020, Watch Dogs Legion in September 2020, Rainbow 6 Quarantine in October 2020, and Gods & Monsters gets delayed to 2021.

Bethesda still has their head up their ass

How fucking stupid does Bethesda think we are? Like who in the world is going to pay $100 a year to play a broken ass empty game? Especially when The Outer Worlds just came out today to great reviews! (Some too great, see below.) I just don’t understand this company anymore. I really don’t know what the fuck they’re thinking. At some point, someone has to step up in their meetings and be like “hey guys, this is the stupidest fucking thing we could possibly do right now.” You know what you should do Bethesda? Give Fallout 76 a barebones team to maintain the current state of the game (which is still trash) and move the fuck on.

Blizzard hired an Xbox employee to be the GM and the whole world is going to burn

SIKE. This is actually a decent hire by Blizzard. Hear me out. I’ve done the research. Prior to this hire, Mike Ybrarra was the corporate VP for Xbox’s “engagement services” such as Xbox Live, Xbox Game Pass, and Mixer. He has worked for Xbox since 2009 in this style of role, which means he’s been very involved in the Xbox Live innovations including Games with Gold and Xbox Play Anywhere. One of the few highlights of the Xbox One generation is the Game Pass, which Mike had a huge hand in launching, and Mixer is growing at a ridiculous rate (see below). I’m not sure how all of this will translate to Blizzard since they’re already a very successful company but I think this will end up being a plus. Hell, maybe Mike will figure out how to put out the Hong Kong protest fire that is burning the company to the ground at the moment.

Shroud joins Mixer and I don’t think he’ll be the last

When Ninja moved to Mixer, everyone said the only reason was because of the money (and ignored all the reasons his wife/manager pointed out). Now that Mixer has convinced Shroud to make the #switchfromTwitch as well, I’m starting to think something fishy is going on at Twitch HQ. I mean they just let 2 of the 3 most popular streamers in the world head to another site (Tfue is the other top 3). Why in the absolute fuck would you do that? If I’m the CEO of the biggest streaming website in the world, I’m not letting them walk without offering them 5M a year, their own private state-of-the-art studio, a yacht, two helicopters, and a lifetime subscription to Brazzers. I don’t care if you think YouTube Streaming and Mixer are so far beneath you. You NEVER let your competitors get close. So who’s going to make the #switchfromTwitch next? I would bet every cent I own that it will be DrDisRespect. They’ve already done him wrong once and it wouldn’t take much to make him move. Stay tuned; it’s gonna get interesting.

And now for the stupidest fucking review in the entire world

Disclaimer: I have not played The Outer Worlds yet. I will play it very soon, but I literally know nothing about how the game turned out yet. But what I do know is that there is absolutely no fucking way that this game deserves a 100/100. You know why I know that? Because there is no video game in the world that can justify that score! Eric. Hey Eric. Allow me to teach you something. If you ever rate a game the maximum on your rating scale, you are a complete fucking moron. You are literally saying that it is flawless. And let me say right here and now: I am pumped for this game but I will find some fucking flaws. Something is going to be buggy and not work, some part of the story is going to be boring or flat, some gameplay element is going to be annoying; there will be something. On top of that, what happens if you play a game that you think is better than The Outer Worlds? You’re gonna give it a 10.1? You’re gonna give it the same score? It’s just the stupidest thing you could ever do. I know you’re not the only one who does it Eric, but use your brain you dumb fucking pigeon.