Well if you couldn’t tell, we’re back full swing. Let’s dive into this week’s QTE’s shall we:

2K taking game leaks to the next level

If you’re active on Twitter, the hashtag #boycottborderlands3 was trending almost all day yesterday. Here’s the brief rundown: YouTuber SupMatto posted a video a while back talking about some stuff in Borderlands 3 that had not been announced yet. He claims he “came by it honestly” and that other sites like Reddit were what brought it to his attention. 2K on the other hand says that SupMatto used a Twitch security exploit to attain the information, and that they have been investigating him for almost a year due to similar instances. I mean damn, I had no idea that gaming studios went to that level to hunt down leakers. And while he denies the claims and tried to play the victim card, talking about how it caused his Discord to get shut down and his Twitch channel to be hit by copyright claims, guess what? Those companies have been investigating him for the exact same thing. Sounds like you’ve been spotted pal. Might wanna lay low for a while and, ya know, shut the fuck up.


This sounds great right? We now will get to see what the actual odds are that we pack Messi in FIFA or a Legendary skin in Overwatch! Slow…down…I’m not convinced yet. First, who says that these companies can’t just lie about the drop rates and in the back end make them actually worse? Who’s gonna monitor them, the big 3? Hell no they aren’t. Also, I guarantee that these “disclosures” are going to be as vague as possible, like “15% chance to get a 85 or higher in a gold pack!”. Then they can make all players rated exactly 85 a high drop within that 15%, but everyone else significantly lower. I love the intent, don’t get me wrong. I’m just hesitant to say this is gonna fix things. But it is a step in the right direction.

Disney+ bundle is the best deal I’ve ever seen

A few months ago I was talking with some of my buds from college about how we should all pool together, buy one streaming service each, and share the passwords. Like one get Netflix, one get Hulu, Disney+, etc. Because with all the new platforms there’s no way that I’m spending more than $30 a month on streaming. Hell I don’t pay for TV because I spend 80% of my TV time gaming, so why would I pay for all these services? Well, congrats Disney, you’ve sold me. This is an excellent bundle. Now I can watch UFC, The Lion King, and…(wait what the fuck does Hulu even make that’s good?). I’ll be a customer fo sho.

Limited solos coming to Apex

Credit to Respawn for trying really really hard to revive their game. Haha I just had a mental image of an EMT trying to revive a man where the man is Apex and the EMT uses all these different devices (new hero, new season, giant dinosaurs, ranked, solos) to revive him until another guy walks up dressed up as a Fortnite guy and says “dude he’s been dead for like 6 months, let him go”. Shocked I haven’t seen that as a meme yet. Anyway, not interested. Played like 3 games when season 2 started and I’m out still on battle royales.


What??? How dare they! A CRPG copying a JRPG! And even worse, a CRPG coping one of the GOAT JRPGs, TLOZ: BOTW??? I mean FML WTF is this world coming to!

(seriously this is so fucking stupid. who gives a fuck if its a ripoff? shouldn’t you be glad that you get more of a game like BOTW?)

New Stadia info coming very soon

Gamescon is coming in a few weeks, and Google Stadia will be there for its 3rd E3 style presentation. Man they are gonna keep the hype train going all the way until release aren’t they? Credit to them. Sony hasn’t done shit in months, so maybe we’ll see something at Gamescon as well? We’ll find out very soon.

And lastly, this is a fact.

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