This opening level to Sonic Adventure 2 is literally perfect.

You start out just straight up snowboarding around a city that looks like it’s straight outta Full House, and it never slows down from there. You destroy a few robots, run around some giant loops that make you question why the city council approved their construction, all while the BEST SONG IN ALL OF SONIC HISTORY is playing in the background. Certified banger.

And during the final part of the level, you’re chased by the most absurdly oversized truck ever made in any game. Like this thing is as tall as every build and as wide as a two-lane road AND the sidewalk. In what world would anyone ever use that truck?

The developers weren’t afraid to sacrifice realism for the sake of fun, which is exactly how you should design a game centered around a supersonic blue hedgehog with eyes that take up over half his face and a man who looks like his legs could snap at any moment under the weight of his giant egg-shaped torso.