Ok c’mon now. What world are we living in here? How do you get to the role of studio head for a triple-A studio and don’t realize how colossal of a failure this game is? I mean, how do you get to the role of studio head and make a game of this quality? I’m not gonna sugar coat it: Marvel’s Avengers is the sorriest excuse for a 2020 Avengers game I could have ever imagined. It’s a mess. The missions are bland, boring, dogshit with no character, you spend way too much time playing as Kamala Khan instead of THE BIGGEST CHARACTERS IN MARVEL HISTORY, and there are parts of the game that are just fucking broken.

But nope, don’t worry, once we add Spider-Man…yep everything will be fixed.

I understand that as a studio head of a huge game that clearly has not met the gaming community’s expectations, you have to do anything you can to salvage the title. But c’mon man, no one is coming back to this game after you add a few new characters and new missions.

Polish a turd, it’s still a turd. And I don’t plan on coming back to smell that shit.