Let’s face it: you just can’t keep anything a secret anymore in this digital age, especially in the world of gaming.

I can’t even think of the last gaming conference that didn’t have something leaked onto Twitter or Reddit the night before. It’s one of the main reasons I have the Wolverine reveal from last week’s PlayStation conference as my #1. I had no clue it was even in development and it completely blew my mind.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that’ll be happening again any time soon.

Yesterday, someone posted a blog on Medium stating that they found a way to access the internal databases of Nvidia, one of the biggest graphics cards suppliers in the world. And in those databases were an absolute MOTHERLOAD of unannounced gaming titles.

Now here’s what you need to understand about gaming leaks: they’re rarely true. They’re usually just bullshit made up by some super Redditor troll bitch boy who knows how to use photoshop just a little too well and is farming likes. I’ve seen it for E3 showcases, I’ve seen it for PLENTY of Nintendo Directs, and we’ll continue to see them until the end of time.

But this one…this one seems to have some legs as Nvidia has basically confirmed the leak and is simultaneously trying to separate itself from the situation, which is a pretty sketchy move considering they are the ones whose database had the loophole.

So will all that being said, should we believe that every single one of these games listed in the leak are confirmed future gaming wonders of the world? Normally I would say no but considering how much sense many of these titles makes…I think I’m leaning towards a yes?

We already know that PlayStation has purchased a PC porting company, so it completely makes sense for some of their exclusives like God of War 2018, Demon Souls Remake, and Returnal to be on this list and I’m expecting current and future PlayStation exclusives to be coming to PC soon regardless of this leak.

Nvidia announced a few years ago that they were starting a program to remaster classic games for RTX so those games seem real.

This is the second leak we’ve had in the last few months regarding a GTA Remastered Trilogy of GTA 3, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas so even though Rockstar has remained tightlipped since Red Dead 2, I really think these are meant to bridge the gap until GTA 6 releases in like…50 years. I’m predicting a teaser/trailer at The Game Awards and a Q3/Q4 2022 release.

Basically, any game that had any kind of footing I’m now treating as confirmed by this leak.

What I’m not completely buying into (yet) are some of these games that are appearing out of thin air, like BioShock 2022.

Don’t get me wrong: I am an absolute BioSlut. The first game in that series is my favorite game of all-time and if that actually comes next year I will lose my fucking mind. But we haven’t heard anything about it since 2K announced they were forming a studio to work on the new entry in the series. You’re telling me it’s already ready and it’s going to be announced AND released in the same year?

Nah. Not buying it.

Then you’ve got the “speculative titles” that Nvidia may have alluded to like Gears 6. I don’t think anyone in the gaming world thinks there won’t be a Gears 6. I would actually think that next year’s E3 will have some kind of Gears 6 teaser or something. But is that listed in this list because Nvidia put that there or Xbox?

What about the Final Fantasy 9 Remake or the Resident Evil 4 Remake? Those seem to be the next things Capcom would remake in those series considering their track record the last few years, but again, who put those names in the database: the devs or some dumbass at Nvidia?

There’s a lot of blockbuster games on this list. They cannot all be true; history has proven that regarding gaming leaks.

But the more the games on the list get validated, the easier it’s gonna be to believe they’re all true, even the longshots.