In case you’ve been living under a rock, Fall Guys is the newest battle royale to take the gaming world by storm. Inspired heavily by obstacle course TV shows like Wipeout, Ninja Warrior, and Takeshi’s Castle, the game features a bunch of cute little jellybean looking goobs that compete across multiple levels until one player is crowned the champion (literally). Sound fun? You’re not alone. Literally every single gamer and streamer in the world has been playing it over the last month as the player count skyrocketed to over 22 MILLION GOOBS.

And ever since Fortnite blew up in 2017, the market for branded in-game skins has never been higher. I mean think about how many skins you used to see in other games before Fortnite did the Avengers/Star Wars crossovers? Miniscule compared to the number of crossovers we see today.

And it seems like Fall Guys is no exception as dozens of companies and organizations have put in offers to Devolver Digital to have their own branded skin featured in the game. So two weeks ago on Twitter, they announced a bidding war: whoever made the highest bid by 2PM ET on 8/31 would get their own skin added to the game and all money from the bid would be donated to Special Effect, a charity that helps disabled people experience the joys of gaming.

And so the bidding war began…

Ultimately, 4 of the top 5 bidders (Ninja, MrBeast, G2 Esports, and AimLab) combined to donate 1 MILLION DOLLARS to Special Effect and have their skin featured in Fall Guys.

Firm handshakes to all of those guys; tons of kids around the world will now get the opportunity to play the games we enjoy each and every day. Just shows how much gaming can truly impact the world.

Let’s just hope none of those kiddos end up faceing me on Fall Mountain. I don’t care who you are, I will demolish you.