What a weird-ass day to go 2-0. The CDL just cannot stop taking L’s right now and it’s starting to be more hilarious than frustrating. I actually don’t mind the idea to stream the games on like a 30 minute delay to prevent the DDoSing that’s going on; it’s a pretty smart idea. But what braindead moron thought it was a good idea to update the website live to the actual matches? I already knew the result of the first two maps of the Chicago-NY matchup before the broadcast even began.

But doesn’t matter. Chicago and Toronto both won and we’re 4-2 heading into an INCREDIBLE day of CDL action. Let’s get into the picks:

London Royal Ravens vs Paris Legion +1.5 (-150)

This is going to a Game 5. No doubt. These teams have played against each other so much this year and London has always seemed to come out the victor, but Paris has been playing better than they have all season recently. In thier last matchup, Paris won via a Game 5 Round 11, so this will be a nailbiter for sure. I think London ends up walking away with the win, but I’ll gladly take the spread for Paris.

Minnesota Rokkr vs Optic Gaming LA -1.5 (+165)

I am rooting for my boys on the Rokkr to win this game. Let me repeat that: I AM ROOTING FOR MY BOYS THE MINNESOTA ROKKR TO WIN THIS GAME.

Optic talked some shit to Exceed a few weeks ago and there was a little jabbing back and for so I think there’s gonna be some bad blood heading into this game favoring the Rokkr. But, with all that being said, I have to take the best bet on the board and while Minnesota has definitely improved with the roster change, I’m not sure they’ve improved to the level of Optic. If they haven’t, I think OGLA wins 3-1. If they have, I think Minnesota wins straight up. I’m only putting half my usual bet on this pick and I’m hedging with Rokkr moneyline because I WANT THE ROKKR TO WIN JAKE AND BRIAN IF YOU READ THIS I WANT YOU BOYS TO SMACK THEM CHEEKS.

Atlanta FaZe vs Chicago Huntsmen +1.5 (-160)

How is the line this low for Huntsmen +1.5? They won their lone matchup with FaZe 3-0 didn’t they? Have sportsbooks forgotten that?

Regardless, this is the easiest bet on the slate and my lock today. Chicago is going to win this game or go down swinging. When they first met Atlanta the meta had just changed and clearly FaZe was still figuring thier roles out. It didn’t take long tho; they fried in thier final two Home Series. So I do not think it will be #EZAF. This is gonna be a war and I cannot wait to see it.

Dallas Empire vs Toronto Ultra ML +160

That’s right, I’m taking Toronto again. I’m full sending that they are the hottest team in the league right now and they will upset a cold Dallas Empire squad. Is Dallas the better team? Probably yes. But it happens all the time in the NFL and someone has gotta have a big upset today. Toronto has been frying the last 2 months and in their matchup against Florida yesterday every single player had a K/D over 1.0 for the series. That’s insane and I’m riding the hype wave.