Another 1-1 day, this time literally by 2 seconds. If the Rokkr had held onto that lead in the final hardpoint and somehow just gotten 2 more points I’d be flying hiiiiiigh with a 2-0 record. Is this what sports betting is like? Was that equivalent to a buzzer-beater?

Doesn’t matter. We’re 2-2 through the first two days of the CDL Playoffs. And some of you may be wondering: will I be sharing picks through the weekend?

You bet your fucking ass I will. I live for this shit and if you’ve been riding with me all season, I’m not letting you down. I eat we all eat.

Let’s get to today’s picks:

Chicago Huntsmen ML -170 vs New York Subliners

The last time these two teams met, the Subliners swept the Huntsmen to win the New York Home Series Championship (…can we please change the name of that mouthful). But the Huntsmen bounced back next event right??? Um…no. They got upset by both Toronto and OGLA to get knocked out of the group stage for the 2nd time this year. The Subliners play yesterday didn’t exactly instill any confidence that they’re going to obliterate the Huntsmen, but we have literally no idea how Scump and co. are going to play today. Oh, and some little fucker could try to interfere with this match like he’s done with 3 of the 4 games to date.

Hopefully we see that championship-caliber play and Huntsmen win this easy, but I’m taking the safer bet and picking Chicago ML.

Florida Mutineers vs Toronto Ultra ML +165

Fuck it, I’m going all-in on Toronto right now.

Where are all the people claiming their success toward the end of the season was due to a start glitch now? They played great against London yesterday and this team is the hottest team in the league with the current meta. Meanwhile, Florida has completely fallen apart since the MP5 nerf. Are they still a good team? Yes and honestly until this morning, I thought they’d win this game 3-2. But if you look at their matchups since that meta change vs. Toronto’s, clearly Toronto has performed much better. I still think it goes to a Game 5, but I think Toronto closes this out and upset the Mutineers.

And if they don’t…at least make it to a Round 11 please so I can cheat on my diet with some Chipotle tonight. Get ready for the weekend boys, it’s gonna be a fun one.