So who is it? Who’s the REAL El Presidente?

Is it Dave Portnoy; the founder and content king of Barstool Sports? The picture of the American dream? The living embodiment of “started from the bottom now we’re here”? The man who consumes pizza every single day yet still looks like this?

Or…is Giancarlo Esposito the real “El Pres”? I mean he has the most badass name of all time and he’s the villain of the upcoming Far Cry 6. For fucks sake, he’s a dictator in the Carribian that gives his son a FUCKING LIVE GRENADE, PULLS THE PIN, AND THEN TELLS HIM A PARABLE WHILE HE PISSES HIS PANTS.

Oh you haven’t seen that? Well allow me to educate you.

Or…is it this guy?

Or this one?

Or maybe, lol, even this one?

I think it has to come down to the first two. Obviously, I love Barstool and all its content. It seems like one of the few places still left on the internet that you can get a genuine laugh every time you log on. But on the other hand, I went on a game trailer binge last night on Twitch and I think I watched the Far Cry 6 trailer another 3-4 times before I went to bed. It’s gonna be so fucking good and I love how they’re hinting that this is a prequel to Far Cry 3 featuring a young Vaas, who eventually becomes one of the best villains in video game history.

Fuck man…so hard to decide.

Just give me the grenade so I don’t have to.