Now see? That’s what Sonic should have looked like from the beginning. I have no idea why the creators rolled out that absolute atrocity this summer and expected it to go over well, but they took the time to fix it. Here’s the issue though: this is still going to be a box office bomb. Did you laugh or smile one time during that trailer? I didn’t. The humor is as dry and childish as I’ve ever seen. In fact, most family films nowadays are 10 times funnier than that trailer. Jim Carrey still looks horrible in the Dr. Robotnik roll, many of the scenes from the first trailer (below) will still be in the movie, Sonic still has this electric power that makes absolutely no sense; it’s gonna absolutely blow. So yea, congrats on spending all that money on the redesign guys. You’re still gonna lose millions and be nominated for numerous Razzie awards. Too bad you didn’t hire me because I had the perfect plan on how to fix this film this summer.