As many of you know, the Friday patch for Modern Warfare absolutely 100% didn’t fix the 725 shotgun. My friends and I jumped into a private game to test out the changes Friday afternoon and found little to no difference to the gun after the patch. So, because I like to win games, I continued to play with the shotgun/sniper/mobile cannon. The following three clips were all taken from a late Sunday night session:

You’re probably wondering who @ashtonisVULCAN is right? Well, according to her Twitter bio, she is a Sr. Communications Manager for Infinity Ward. What is a communications manager? Well, it varies from company to company, but basically, they are responsible for all internal and external communications from the company (patch notes, social media, press releases, etc). And if you follow Ashton’s account, you can see that this lines up with her feed surrounding Modern Warfare‘s release a few weeks ago. So, I tagged her in the first tweet because I thought it was a funny meme video and at the very least she would see how overpowered this gun is. Shortly after that tag, she tweeted this out:

Woah. Excuse me, ma’am. Are you talking to me? I would like to know what part of my tweet was “disrespectful”. I didn’t tweet “Fix this shotgun you fucking whore”. I didn’t tweet “Listen here bitch fix this gun or I’m gonna *insert threat*”. None of that was said. So, I responded to that passive-aggressiveness in the only way I know how:

I also retweeted her tweet and let her know my DMs are open for her to reply to me about what I said that made me a “disrespectful asshole”. No DM came. To add to it, Ashton tweeted this out this morning:

Um, excuse me, who the fuck do you think we are? Have you SEEN videos of the gaming community on YouTube? Have you WATCHED anyone stream a video game before? DID YOU PLAY MODERN WARFARE 2 AND HEAR THE TOXICITY IN THE PREGAME LOBBY? Do you think the gaming community is this polite bunch of gentlemen and ladies who are just going to tweet out “hey @ashtonisVULCAN can you please make some changes to the 725 shotgun? It seems a little overpowered. Thanks! Love you! *smiley face*”? WRONG. Like it or not, we are boisterous loud obscene crude people who rage and yell at the tiniest problems we can find. You absolutely knew what you were getting into when you got hired into this role! Your entire job is to manage the communications going to the toxic ass gaming community! What fucking world is this woman living in??

Ashton here’s some legitimate advice: stop tweeting about this. Gaming twitter is a shark, and your last few tweets are an open wound. There’s blood in the water and all you’re doing by tweeting this stuff is begging for people to keep coming at you. Take a note from Jeff Kaplan’s book and turn it all into a joke.

Anyway, last night the patch that Infinity Ward has been working on to further nerf the 725 and adjust the footsteps went like. I can only assume that this was fast-tracked due to the backlash since most companies release patches on a standard schedule and they just released a patch on Friday. Let’s hope that it makes a bigger impact. Otherwise, we’re restarting the crazy cycle all over again.