Today’s song to keep you HYPE through the day because its the freakin weekend: Babushka Boi by A$AP Rocky. Not only is that song a fucking jam, have y’all seen the video yet? Its obviously a shot at the Swedish police that kept him “unfairly” detained for about a month, but I love the Dick Tracy tribute. Anyway, let’s get into the QTE’s:

Overwatch Role Queue launches in Competitive on Sept. 1st

We’ve known about this for a couple of weeks, but now that it’s been live on console for about 2 weeks as a beta, I want to share my first impressions. First, as I’ve said in the past, I think this is absolutely a step in the right direction for Overwatch as a whole. While many in the community still disagree and hate role queue, the recent changes and 2-2-2 format will force people to actually learn the game. And this learning curve is going to affect everyone at different levels. For example, if you’re in diamond or higher, you shouldn’t feel too affected by the role queue system other than the fact that GOATs is now gone. But, if you’re in plat or lower, you’re going to feel the full extent of this change. I have been extremely frustrated with my team regardless of the role I’m in because it’s so much more blatent that no one knows what the fuck they’re going in these ranks. Tanks aren’t aggressive and don’t know how to counter each other, healers spend the majority of the time doing damage instead of healing, and DPS just have no skill. But that’s to be expected; many of these players either haven’t played the roles they’re queuing in (it only takes about 30 seconds to a minute to queue as Tank/Healer vs about 4-5 minute as DPS), or have had their weaknesses covered up with other methods. It’s going to probably take a few months to sort everyone into their correct roles, but I think when everything is stable, Overwatch will be fun again.

Yakuza 7 is going to suck ass

I’m not a fan of this franchise, but if I was I would be absolutely livid. Why, in the absolute fuck, in 2019, are you making an open world game with turn-based combat? Let’s go back about 20-30 years. Games are still very basic; platformers, rail shooters, and arcade style beat em ups are basically your only options. Then, Final Fantasy and Pokemon introduced turn based combat as a more complex system than beat em up/hack and slash/button mashing. It was very well received, and spawned a whole genre of RPG and strategy franchises. But, gaming has evolved a TON over the years. Honestly, the only reason I still play games like Pokemon and Slay the Spire is because they’re more of deck building games, which have a completely different feel. At this point, we should not be seeing AAA 3rd person open world titles still employing turn based combat. This game is going to absolutely bomb.

Here’s a game you’ve never heard of that looks fucking awesome:

I’ve never heard of Praey for the Gods until today when IGN shared this video, and man they’re right for once: it looks fucking sick. I don’t think anyone would disagree that both Breath of the Wild and Shadow of the Colossus are masterpieces, so I’m not sure this would live up to the hype, especially since this was a Kickstarter funded game by a brand new studio. Color me optimistic though because for what it’s worth, you can’t tell that this is a rookie effort. Now just to see what platforms its coming out for…oh…PC and PlayStation…fuck. me.

Well Telltale Games is coming back…and this guy hates it

Ok, this is a slight over-exaggeration by ManyATrueNerd, but it does kinda suck. Let’s give some background: everyone knows that Telltale went under in February, and basically laid off their entire staff without compensation that was clearly stated in their contracts. A very shitty move indeed. Well, now the Telltale brand has been purchased by a brand new entertainment group, with the intent to revitalize the games. So yes, they offered the former employees first dibs to come back and work on these games, but since the studio is just launching, there’s limited positions available for salaried employees, and this new company owes the previous employees nothing. It absolutely makes sense in terms of business. What would not make any sense is if the same studio heads that let Telltale go under were the ones in charge of the revamp and offering the freelance opportunities. That would be just immoral. But here’s hoping that all the former Telltale employees are happy at new jobs or find a way to return to this new launch because I loved most of the Telltale games that I played, especially The Wolf Among Us.

This is a statement from one of the top streamers on the state of Fortnite