Cheers to the freakin weekend bitches! It’s Friday, which means another edition of the Weekly Quicktime events: your weekly summary of gaming news without all the bullshit ads. Speaking of ads…Humble Bundle’s got some pretty cool stuff in this month’s bundle. But aaaaanyway, let’s get ready for the weekend.

You guys ready for some retro shit? This week’s song to get you HYPE for the weekend is “Stuntin Like My Daddy” by Birdman and Lil Wayne. I’m not gonna lie: this song has been out for like 13 years and I still don’t know what “stuntin like my daddy” is supposed to mean. I mean, my dad couldn’t “stunt” if his life depended on it. But that 2000s beat and those old school Yeezy verses (ya know, where you literally couldn’t understand what he was saying) just bring my energy to a whole ‘other level.

Let’s dive into the news:

Sony studio head is leaving. Let the speculation begin!

And then there was one.

On Monday, it was announced on Twitter than Shawn Layden, studio head for PlayStation and dare I say, the face of PlayStation for the last 5 years, is departing the company. There has been a ton of speculation regarding this abrupt announcement, especially with the PS5 set to launch next year. Was he fired? Did he quit out of frustration? Did he think it was the “x” button too? Regardless, we have yet to hear anything else from Sony or Shawn Layden himself, so we’ll have to wait and see. But with Reggie Fils-Aimé announcing his departure from Nintendo earlier this year, Phil Spencer (Xbox) is now the longest-tenured studio head of “The Big 3”.

Twitch streamers made sure we knew they were only playing Apex because they were paid to do so

This was pretty hilarious. If you logged onto Twitch when Season 3 of Apex Legends launched this past Tuesday, you saw that over 350k viewers were tuned in. All of the big boys and girls like Shroud, DrDisRespect, Timthetatman, and Pokimane were trying out the new features. This would lead you to believe they were actually interested in the game right? Wrong. Moron. See the #ad? They don’t give a fuck about Apex. In fact, you could tell they were forcing a smile while playing because they clearly didn’t care. I give an A for effort to Pokimane tho cause she was fighting off an illness, but she still got all dolled up and logged on. I just wonder how much money EA spent to overpromote their new season launch. I feel like plenty of people would have tuned in regardless. Maybe just pay one or two of the big boys to make it a little less obvious huh?

Ladies and gentlemen, we don’t deserve Tom Holland

Um, excuse me Polygon? “Very nice boy”? What the fuck? How bout savior of all we love and hold dear? Over the weekend, we learned that Marvel and Sony have struck a deal to make a sequel to this summer’s blockbuster, Spider-Man: Far From Home. We don’t yet know the details of that deal, but we know that our hero Tom Holland charmed both companies into figuring it out. Considering how far apart Marvel and Sony were like a month ago, I’m shocked this is even happening. But who could ever deny those “Mr. Stark” eyes and that young British accent? God bless you Tom Holland. Don’t stop until you get to kick some Sinister Six ass.

And finally, let the Untitled Goose Game hype roll on!

Score one for all you indie developers out there! The team at House House made a hilarious game where your sole purpose is to annoy the shit out of everyone as a goose. And wouldn’t you know it, they beat out the Link’s Awakening Remake to top the Switch eShop sales. Who would have thought that a silly game about pranking people would sell more copies than a Nintendo first-party exclusive? This game really is so funny to play (or watch), and its taking the internet by storm. The memes are absolutely hilarious. Here are a few of my favorites to close out this week’s QTE’s: