Listen, I know multiple people have uploaded the recipie for Taco Bell’s glorious cooch-WAP slurpeens, but this one. This is the best one. I’m addicted to General Sam videos. His “The Two Types Of Tarkov Players” video has been lurking in my reccomended for literally months ever since I started looking up ways to get better at the aforementioned game that rips my soul out and eats it in front of me every time I play it.

And guess what? I’m getting the itch to play it again…because I keep watching goofy Tarkov videos from General Sam.

I don’t remember the game being this fun. Maybe it’s because I was playing it all the wrong way. Don’t get me wrong; I am a rat through and through. But look at all the fun he has with his friends??? I wanna have that fun. I’m gonna grind the fuck out of Rogue Company for a while first but if that doesn’t take off, I’m going back to Tarkov.

And if you want to know why, just watch this one. It’s one of his best.