Ok, can we be fair? If some douchebag on the internet didn’t boot Kenny twice during yesterday’s match, I’d be 2-0 right now. I mean, Optic had that game in the bag. LAG was exactly as bad as I said they were, they are overrated in SnD, and it would have been an easy 3-1. This is exactly why the Call of Duty League needed to do a bubble for this. Out of every sport in the world, a US-based esport is the easiest bubble in the world. Book a hotel, schedule practice times at whatever facility you can setup, and boom we have a legitimate Champs 2020. If only we had a competent multimillion-dollar company running this league…

But, unfortunately that’s not the case. Went 1-1 on bets yesterday and we’re gonna bounce back today. Let’s get to the picks:

London Royal Ravens vs Toronto Ultra ML (-120)

I think this is going to be a close one for sure. London is one of the better teams in the league when they’re in form and I’m expecting twins Wuskin and Skrapz to ball out today. The real question is will the rest of the team step up? Dylan, Seany, and Zer0 have series where they shine individually but they’ve also put up some absolute duds. They’re really gonna have to show up today because their opponent is the most improved team on the year and arguably the hottest heading into Champs.

There’s a lot of rumors going around in the CDL that Toronto exploited the “start glitch” to win their Home Series title, but I’m not buying into it too much. This team was built to be an SnD machine, they fought through the early struggles, and now they’re a cohesive machine. I think it’ll go to a Game 5 and I think Toronto ends up walking away with the win.

Minnesota Rokkr +1.5 (EVEN) vs New York Subliners

If I picked this game based on history, I should be picking Subliners to win 3-1 easily. Ever since they signed Mack midway through the season, they’ve been incredible. I know I’ve said it a ton but it’s still crazy to me that a team that could barely win a game early in the year made one change to the roster and suddenly is a dark horse contender. But I will say their performance in their last Home Series concerns be a bit. Could have been just a bad weekend for the squad but I didn’t expect them to lose 3-0 to Dallas AND Paris.

Meanwhile, the Rokkr has had the complete opposite trajectory. They balled out on LAN in the early season and had a decent performance in their first online series, but since then they’ve been a shell of their former selves. Color me insane, but I think this is the game they turn it around. They made the swap from GodRx to Exceed, they’re probably going to be underestimated by their opponent, and I think they have a good chance to win today. I’m taking them +1.5 easy and sprinkling a little on the moneyline (+250).