CDL Playoffs kickoff today at 3pm ET and run through Sunday, with 2 games a day on the weekdays and 4 games a day on Saturday and Sunday. And since this is the final stretch of the season before we enter a new game (and hopefully many changes in the off-season), I will posting my picks here DAILY until the next Call of Duty Champion is crowned.

And in case you’ve forgotten, I am the best fucking CDL gambler on this planet. 40-18 against the spread on the season.

So let’s dive right in:

Paris Legion -1.5 (+150) vs Seattle Surge – 3PM ET

My initial gut reaction to this matchup was that Seattle would win straight up. While Paris has clearly performed better than them for most of the year and even reach the final in their last event of the regular season, I have a hard time believing that Octane and Apathy are just going to be knocked out of Champs right out the gate. But then I started to look at the regular-season matchups and realized Seattle hasn’t won more than one map since June (when they took FaZe to 5 games and beat the Rokkr in the Minnesota Home Series). The real question to me is do we believe that Paris actually turned it around? I think they did enough to win this matchup and I think they should win 3-1.

Los Angeles Guerillas vs Optic Gaming LA -1.5 (-170)

LAG is not a good team at all. They had one lucky weekend way back in June and they haven’t done shit since. They haven’t made any roster changes headed into Champs as far as I know, so there’s really no reason to expect anything different. Meanwhile, OGLA has one of the more exciting rookies to watch in Drazah and a lot of momentum from beating Chicago and reaching the semi-final in their last event. I think they win easy (and so does everyone else). I’d sprinkle a little on Optic winning 3-0 as well, which is currently at +225.