So last year, 17-year-old streamer FaZe Jarvis got banned for life from Fortnite for cheating in non-ranked games. I covered this story back in November, but yea, nothing has changed. Jarvis is still banned and he has taken a pretty big break from streaming and YouTube since. Until yesterday…

The song, the lyrics, the beat, the video…this is so fucking terrible.

Why do this? Did you think this was funny? Did you think it was ironic? Could FaZe Clan not have helped you make a more hype video/song? Because all I see here is a VERY late attempt to ride the clout wave you caused, and it’s fucking horrible.

If I were Jarvis, I would have called up the head of FaZe, told him about my idea, and promoted it as a “Fuck you Fortnite, ban me if you want, I’m still rich as fuck.” Of course, FaZe Banks has a bunch of shit on his plate already with the Tfue lawsuit and the whole Alissa Violet thing, but still, that right there would have made money and clout like you wouldn’t believe.

But instead, we have a cheap-ass horrible tune that I wasted 3 minutes of my life listening to. Jarvis asked in the comments if we wanted to hear more and I’m begging you, please don’t.

Find a new game to stream bro.