I try not to spend too much time sponsoring my stream here on PartyChat because I care much more about this website than my Mixer stream, but with the shortened work week and my end of the year awards coming out tomorrow I think this is the perfect time to do it. In case you missed it last night, I attempted the Quadruple Threat Challenge (made popular by DrDisRespect). The challenge for last night was:

  • Gun Game win in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
  • Free-For-All win in Halo 5
  • Solo Victory Royale in Fortnite
  • Solo Chicken Dinner in PUBG

The goal is to complete all 5 challenges in a single stream (which for me is usually between 5-6 hours). SO, here are the highlights from last night!

Gun Game Win on the 2nd Attempt

Halo 5 RAGE

More Halo 5 RAGE

Halo 5 FFA Win

I am BAD at Fortnite



I am BAD at PUBG

PUBG fucks me over

And the night ended with the PUBG servers crashing with 1 hour to go in the stream. A good night overall, and I’ll take 3/4 on only the 2nd attempt at this challenge. I know some of these clips aren’t the best quality, and the PUBG clips I somehow moved the mic as far away from my mouth as possible, but I will work on it.

Want to see more moments like this? Well, I will be attempting the Quadruple Threat Challenge again Wednesday evening around 7pm ET! So be sure to tune in on Mixer and follow me on Twitter for any updates!