Man, the team at Epic Games literally must have toiled all night to DIRECTLY RIP OFF WARZONE this quickly. To be fair, we’ve heard leaks and rumors about the whole Zombie Royale mode for a week or so now so they actually had more time than 24 hours to whip this up.

But once again, Fortnite has…”stolen”? “copied”? “been inspired by”? However you decide to word it, they’re doing the exact same thing as Call of Duty by allowing you to come back after you die in their Battle Royale mode as a “shadow”.

Listen, I get that video games inspire video games and that’s how we continue to push gaming forward, but come on. Fortnite is literally the number one offender every time for straight-up ripping off ideas from other games, especially in the Battle Royale mode.

They took Smart Ping from Apex Legends, Mechs from Titanfall, skin designs from Overwatch (and many other games), planes from Battlefield, and Keanu Reaves from us all because now I can’t even fucking look at him without thinking “oh that’s fortnite guy now”.

They disgust me. Come up with an original idea for once and stop leeching off of everyone else.