Someone DM’d me on Twitter yesterday and asked a great question: What game would you “die on that hill” for that is universally considered a “bad” game? I wanted to immediately respond with an “I don’t like bad games, that’s why I’m a blogger you idiot do you think I just write about the games that are good but secretly go home from work and play dogshit like Goat Simulator? You fucking dildo.” But thankfully for him I showed restraint and have chosen to answer him here. That’s actually a really hard question for me, because I really don’t bother with “bad” games past about two or three hours. But I think I would have to go with Call of Duty Ghosts. It’s considered by many one of the worst entries in the franchise but I played the shit out of it in college. Loved the campaign, I don’t really understand how they considered the multiplayer “bad” considering it played just like the Modern Warfare titles, and it was the last entry before jump packs and wall running became prominent. I probably could come up with another horrible title, but honestly I’ve stared at this screen for an hour trying to think of one and I realized I just don’t play bad games.


Numbuh 3: Halo Infinite

YOU ARE TEARING ME APART MICROSOFT. How in the hell are you gonna tease Halo Infinite for 2 full years without showing a single bit of gameplay. I understand that it won’t be coming out until next holiday season with Project Scarlet, but damn give me something that makes me believe this isn’t going to suck. This game scares the living shit out of me. There’s too many red flags popping up to ignore. Yet somehow, I am eagerly anticipating it. Like a blind man walking through a minefield. Except I’m not blind. I just see the signs saying “HORRIBLE GAME COMING KEEP AWAY” and I am still sprinting head on into the field.

You’re probably asking yourself “why in the shitting anus is this game on his most anticipated list if all he’s doing is trashing it?” Yea, I’m asking myself that too. Here’s what Halo is: its one of the best arena shooters of all time with an iconic hero and an above average narrative. Here’s what Halo is not: an open world sandbox game. I have zero idea who told that studio head to use that word but you are a fucking idiot. The series has taken a significant downturn since 343 Industries took over. Halo 4? Garbage. Halo 5? Nowhere near as bad, but why would you make a campaign not centered around playing as Master Chief? So I just have no clue what to expect from them when they say they’re returning to Halo’s roots. I have this strange feeling that they’re gonna throw some modernized bullshit into the game instead of keeping it an arena shooter. Some are speculating that there will be shared world areas like in Destiny and if that’s the case I am out. But it remains on this list because I have high hopes that either A) they don’t do any of that and it actually is a true Halo title or B) it sucks horribly and I can finally convince my friends to jump ship to Sony.

Halo Infinite launches Holiday 2020. Get on yo knees and pray til then.