Already ranted about my allergy problem so I’m just gonna jump right in with the Honorable Mentions:

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Issue 1: I don’t have a Playstation. Issue 2: It’s a JRPG. Issue 3: It’s Final Fantasy. Yet through all of these issues, I still kinda sorta want to play this game? Square Enix really fucked up their conference at E3 this year, but the highlight was the gameplay showcase for this remake. It looked like the perfect way to take an ancient combat system and turn it into something fresh and new. Oh, and by the way, anyone who tells you they enjoy turn based combat games is a nut job. They suck diseased antelope dick. The only way to make them hard is to make the enemy so unfairly difficult. Like when in early Pokemon games they spam SLEEP attacks and then destroy you with 1 hit, and the only way to defeat them is to grind for hours upon hours to get even close to withstanding their attacks. Anyway, another big red flag for FF7 is they are releasing the remake in two parts, both priced at $60 and coming out at different times. Probably will be a ton of fun, but yea, I’m out.

System Shock Remake

You’ve probably forgot this was coming out by now, because it’s been trapped in development hell for about 4 years. Originally released in 1994, System Shock is one of the early influences on narative based action FPS titles. Many of the characteristics in games like Half-Life, DOOM, Dead Space and (obviously) BioShock came from this early pioneer of the FPS genre. Well, in 2016 Night Dive Studios raised over $1.3M on Kickstarter to develop this game and…we still don’t have a release date. Many are saying it’s coming out in early 2020, but I wouldn’t be shocked if it was delayed another year. Also, who the fuck is Night Dive Studios? I’ll tell you: they’re a nobody. Look up their game history and you’ll find nothing recognizable. However, I’ve been itching for a new BioShock title and since that studio has been radio silent for the past 6 years, this is my only hope to play another game like it. You know, until Half-Life 3 comes out a few console generations from now…

Marvel’s Avengers


This probably would have kicked Ori out of the list and made it into the Top 3 if the E3 showcase hadn’t fucked everything up. Here’s the good: Its the Avengers. Here’s the bad: everything looks like shit. The engine looks like it was made in 2015, the character models look blocky as fuck, their facial expressions and voice lines sound horrible; it looks like the makings of a trainwreck. Yet, call me a fool, but I really am hoping this all gets ironed out and the game is actually good. Its being developed by the studio who rebooted the Tomb Raider series, and those games are great. I’m not in the “they dont look like the movie characters” camp, I’m in the “they look like retired 50 year olds” club. This has the biggest boom or bust potential in 2020 to me.