It’s Fri-YAY, it’s the freakin weekend, and it’s time for your weekly gaming news recap. Last week was pretty quiet with everyone at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, but they more than made up for it this week by dropping new trailers and delaying everything.

But first, this week’s song to get you HYPE for the weekend is “Stars Tonight” by Zeds Dead. Turn it on, turn it up, and let the EDM fuel your day.

Let’s dive in:

Cyberpunk got delayed and that’s absolutely OK

There is a ‘Holy Trinity’ of studios that no matter what they do I will buy their games:

  • Naughty Dog (Uncharted series, The Last of Us)
  • From Software (Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice)
  • CD Projekt Red (The Witcher series)

Why do I not care what they do? Because they’ve earned my undying loyalty by producing some of the best video games of the last decade (and all-time).

These are triple-A studios that actually give a fuck about the final product they release. They don’t rush games out the door to make a quick buck or meet a deadline. In short, they aren’t a bunch of money-hungry pieces of shit like the guys over at EA and Bethesda. They’re artists.

So yea, when CD Projekt Red says they need another 5 months to polish their game and playtest, I have not problem with that. Take all the time you need.

(but not too long please because I just built a $1600 PC specifically for your game and I will literally die if this game gets delayed again)

Avengers got delayed and that’s absolutely NOT OK

Now, there are those out there that will say “Nerd, aren’t you being hypocritical by saying that Cyberpunk being delayed is a good thing and Avengers being delayed is a bad one?”. And to those people, I say: “Yes, and I don’t give a fuck.”

CD Projekt Red has earned my trust. The studio behind Marvel’s Avengers, Crystal Dynamics, has not. At least not to the same level.

Crystal Dynamics and their partner in the Avengers project, Eidos Montreal, are best known for the Tomb Raider reboot and the Deus Ex franchises. I’ve played through all of those titles and while I enjoyed my time with them, I would trade all of them for The Witcher series any day. It’s better in every way.

Oh, and then there’s the fact that I’ve seen this god awful trailer. I guarantee you that you’re gonna spend way more time than you want to play as Kamala Khan and all that gear and cosmetics will be thrown into microtransactions.

No amount of “polishing” is going to fix those core issues.

PS5 launch rumors are spreading like wildfire

I follow a lot of different accounts on Twitter, and many of them are actually “console fanboys”. Ya know, the guys that are like “XbOx RuLeS aNd PlAyStAtIoN dRoOlS”. Trust me, I don’t enjoy reading all day that either.

But if you sort through all the crap these guys post, sometimes you come across an interesting rumor that is way ahead of other media outlets. So about a week ago, I came across one of said rumors that the PS5 was going to be revealed in early 2020.

At first, I disregarded it as wishful thinking. But now that Sony has announced they will not be attending E3 this year and even the God of War director is saying he thinks the PS5 will be revealed in February, I’m starting to believe this is a fact. There’s just too much shit flying around the internet for it not to be true.

And finally, let’s wrap this all up by going to HELL

If you have not played the 2016 reboot of DOOM, do it right fucking now. I will not repeat myself again. It’s a goddamn adrenaline rush.

And I absolutely cannot wait to play the sequel. I know Bethesda has been pretty bad over the last two years (Fallout 76, Rage 2, Wolfenstein Youngblood), but I think this is the title that puts them back on track.

See ya next week fuckers.