Thank fucking god. This was me watching Season 1 of The Witcher:

Don’t get me wrong, I loved Season 1. I like how each episode felt like an individual quest just like how it feels to play the game, but seriously, why go non-linear? For shits and giggles?

Non-linear shows and movies usually have a reason for that style; sometimes they use it to develop characters like in Pulp Fiction, and sometimes they use it to maintain suspense like in Memento. In The Witcher, they did it because “It SoUnDeD lIkE a CoOl IdEa”.

So yea, make the story linear, give me more Henry Cavill perfectly portraying Geralt of Rivia, give me more tiddies, and give me more fucking jams like this in Season 2. 2021 can’t come soon enough.