Earlier today, world-famous music and movie star Lady Gaga revealed that she is uneducated on two separate subjects: spelling and video games.

Um, excuse me ma’am but it’s FORKnite thank you very much.

This tweet attracted everyone with any knowledge of video gaming and spawned some hilarious responses, including this one from the most popular Forknite player in the world:

Hahahah that’s so funny because she’s got a song called “Telephone”, and oh my gawd she’s also got a song called “A Million Reasons” and oh no, no you didn’t she’s got one called “You and I” aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ninja you master of comedy you.

Naturally, snowflake Twitter wasn’t about to let everyone have a good time with this and clapped back at Ninja:

Ugh. Just ugh. These people just make me sick. I like how Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, labels them. They are the “no fun club”. They spend their entire day scrolling through Twitter looking for any possible signs of oppression and calling them out, which in terms of impact is as effective as screaming it in the outhouse of a small town in South Dakota. They don’t understand humor in any form. Then, when you use logic to defend yourself they get befuddled and start coming up with completely illogical comments.

Lena. You’re smart. You have a Ph.D. You know that the real reason that Ninja doesn’t consistently play with female streamers is out of respect for his wife. A one-off game with Lady Gaga (which isn’t even what he was trying to achieve here) is not going to impact that in any way. If you’re having trouble determining what is a joke and what is not, this was clearly a joke. My response, however, was not.