So yea…I’m hosting a podcast now.

When I first decided to start blogging as the Unfiltered Nerd, I thought I had something unique to offer to the gaming community as does any content creator I guess. But it was never about getting rich and famous. In fact, in the last 20+ months that I have been operating as The Unfiltered Nerd and writing for PartyChat (and other websites), I have made a total of $0.00. Some would call that a foolish way to run a website or operate as a content creator, but they probably don’t realize that I do not do this for money.

I do it because I fucking love it.

And the only reason I would ever want to be paid for what I do is so that I can do more of it.

Initially, PartyChat was a way for me to funnel all of my thoughts and feelings about the gaming industry into something more than just ranting to my friends every night in our Xbox Live party chat (hence the name of the blog). I wanted to keep the tone of those raw, unfiltered conversations that I had (still do) and turn them into blogs that would also make people think and, hopefully, laugh along the way.

But not everything I think about the gaming industry is extremely positive or negative like I write about in my blogs. Sometimes I’m just that curious 5-year-old kid on the couch playing Duck Hunt on our family TV wondering how any of this magic is even possible.

So last fall, I decided to try something new. I reached out to a ton of indie game developers to see if any of them would be willing to let me interview them. Not as a journalist looking to write a news article or a beat writer trying to find some way to turn a minor detail into a big exploitive hit piece, but as a fan that genuinely wanted to know how they come up with the ideas behind their games. And for the people that did give me the opportunity to interview them, they loved it. And the fans loved it. And I loved it…mostly.

I knew even while writing those blogs that they shouldn’t have been blogs. No one wants to read a conversation between two people; they’d much rather hear it or see it. But I promised myself that I would not do a podcast or video series until I felt adequate at creating and producing that type of media out of respect for the people I would be interviewing.

Aka…I didn’t want to do a shit job.

Well thankfully, I’ve been working with a Top 6 media company in the US for the last 9-10 months and I’ve learned somethings. I’m not exactly a “producer extraordinaire”, but I’m proud of this first season that I finally get to reveal to all of you.

Speaking of seasons, now’s a good time to mention the Open Lobby podcast will be season-based, starting with 8 episodes released every Thursday from 10/29 on. If you enjoy what I’m doing and would like to see more in the future, please like, subscribe, follow, rate, review, etc. Your feedback and following are what will be the deciding factor toward making a Season 2. The bigger the following, the bigger the interviews (which I guarantee will always be unfiltered).

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