It was only two weeks ago that I announced that I would be building my first gaming PC, and to be honest, not much has changed in that time. Like many of you, I’m sure, I am pretty broke right now due to the holidays.

But there is something that I did that’ I think is worth sharing with everyone today. So…

Episode II: “Gaming” Accessories

Dear Diary,

Everywhere I go, I see things that are marketed as “gaming products”. Some look like they provide actual value like grips for my controllers, while others are clearly just marketing ploys.

Look at these new shoes that Puma announced yesterday:

“For just $160, you can buy sock-like shoes that “deliver seamless comfort, support and grip” so you can frag like never before, both in your home and at the arena.” – Puma

Am I missing something? How will these make me better at video games? I don’t think having comfortable footwear is helping or hindering my ability at winning a Victory Royale in Fortnite. They’re just a product that has “gaming” attached to the name to draw that audience into buying it.

And I feel the same way about two other popular products: gaming chairs and gaming desks. Both are essential for a PC gamer, but what value do they actually provide?

What’s the difference between a “gaming chair” and a mid-range office chair? I mean what actual benefit is there to owning a gaming chair?

Um, it looks cooler?

Many of the streamers I see on Twitch or Mixer are either sponsored by these chair companies or bought them to look “professional”. Does it have a higher headrest than most office chairs? Yes. But does that make it worth the extra $$?

Why spend over $100 on a “gaming chair” when you can buy an ergonomic office chair for $85? Why ship out the extra $40-60?

The same goes for the so-called “gaming desks”. Have you seen the prices for this shit? I mean dear god. This is the cheapest one I found on Amazon and I’m sure it’ll fall right over at the slightest bump, sending your $1500 rig crashing to the ground.

So yea, these “gaming” accessories aren’t worth my money at all.

Well, I’m going above and beyond, diary. I’m thinking outside the box. Why pay ANYTHING for these accessories when you can find them for free?

That’s right. I got both my desk and my chair for $0. How?.

I’ve been in the workforce for almost a decade now. I know that every single workplace has a closet full of old office furniture. So I just asked my boss if I could have a desk and chair that haven’t been used in years and he said: “why not”?

(Actually, at first, he asked if I’d buy it and I said no because I knew they’d never use it. THEN, he let me take it).

So what’s the moral of this episode diary? Think outside the box. People should look around their workplace (or ask their parents to if they don’t have a job). They should browse sites like Craigslist for free items that just need some DIY repair or upgrades.

But they absolutely shouldn’t spend $400 on products just because it says “gaming” on the box. Instead, they should use that money to upgrade other things that actually matter.

Until next time diary,

The Unfiltered Nerd