So this new game called Temtem launched into Early Access today…or at least it’s trying to…

This looks like the ultimate Pokemon-style game. A giant open world, tons of unique looking creatures to collect and battle with, and it’s an MMO which means you can play with all your friends! It sounds like a furry boy’s wet dream come true! Well, sorry furry boy, but Pokemon fans hate you.

Listen Pokeboys and Pokegirls, I’m sorry that Game Freak lied to you and made a shitty game last year. I’m sorry that your favorite franchise hasn’t made any sort of innovation in the last two decades. And I’m sorry that this game looks about 1000% times better than Pokemon Sword and Shield in every single way.

But GODDAMMIT let me play what I wanna play and leave these hard-working devs alone you ignorant assholes!